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Allot WebSafe Business
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Allot WebSafe Business

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Allot WebSafe Business enables managed security service providers to protect the digital experience of business customers whose applications are migrating to the cloud and whose employees are increasingly mobile. With Allot WebSafe Business you can provide effective and flexible Security as a Service to small and medium business (SMB) customers who are concerned about online threats and network abuse. Allot’s multi-tenant web security services include web (URL) filtering, anti-malware, application control and mail security that protect your business customers and allow them to use Internet and cloud resources safely and productively


Security revenue and intelligence

  • Deliver essential web security at affordable price points
  • Address business mobility needs with security as a service
  • Gain valuable insight on threats and usage trends

Transparency and accuracy

  • Per tenant Acceptable Use Policy
  • Per tenant application control
  • Per tenant visibility and reporting

Flexibility and scalability

  • Reduce the complexity of multi-tenant operations
  • Scale to support millions of business users
  • Accelerate ROI through full integration in Allot Service Gateway

Web Security, Visibility, Control:

Businesses are concerned about falling victim to online cyber threats and are struggling to keep malicious malware attacks at bay. Those who lack the knowledge, expertise and stamina to protect their business properly, rely on your managed security services.

Unlike security technologies that were developed for perimeter and on-premise protection, Allot WebSafe Business is engineered to provide a flexible platform for delivering Security as a Service to millions of business users.

Network-based security is ideally suited to mobility needs, enabling you to offer flexible and effective security services at attractive price points for small and medium businesses.

Network security

Web Filtering

URL Filter: customers select the content categories and URLs they want to filter per group, user profile, or device.

Browse Time: allows businesses to limit online access to specific hours and/or to maximum hours per day per application, device, group, or user profile.

network based protection

Unblock: provides a channel for business users to submit unblock requests and resolve blocking errors within minutes. User feedback is reviewed and incorporated into the filtering logic.

Alerts: administrators receive SMS and/ or email notification when attempts are made to access blocked content.


Allot WebSafe Business protects SMBs against all kinds of malware that can damage mobile devices and cause the loss of business data. The service also includes powerful anti-virus and antiphishing for email (SMTP, POP3) and web traffic, which takes the worry out of engaging in online activity and transactions.

Allot’s anti-malware as a service provides quick response to new threats, 24/7 updates and a wide protection net that requires no action from users and no resources from their devices.

Anti-Virus: employs Kaspersky Lab, Sophos, and Bitdefender technologies to provide industry-leading response time to new malware outbreaks. Allot allows flexible customization of protection levels, quarantine, user notification, infected-file detection and on-demand reports.

multilayer detection

Anti-Phishing: scans web and email traffic for telltale signs of phishing such as generic greetings, personalized greetings (spear phishing), suspicious links, threats, personal information requests, misspellings, bad grammar, and pharming attacks that redirect web traffic to bogus sites.

Application Visibility and Control

Allot WebSafe Business is fully integrated with Allot Service Gateway, which provides Layer-7 visibility of application traffic, enabling business tenants to provision and enforce the Acceptable Use Policy that is right for their organization. Customers can limit access to “risky” applications such as P2P and anonymizers based on their Layer-7 protocol and get proactive alerts on blocking events.

Scalable Security as a Service:

Flexbile Multi-tenancy

Allot’s flexible, multi-tenant architecture allows you to offer a predefined set of web security features for business customers, as well as the ability for SMBs to customize their own web filtering, mail security, anti-malware, and application control settings. Allot supports millions of tenants and lets you manage them via a unified management console. Your managed services customers get a simple and intuitive interface suited to their different requirements for flexibility and security. Allot supports central and distributed tenant control with easy self-management of:

  • Navigation Groups
  • Black List Groups
  • White List Groups
  • User Profiles
  • Tenant Policy Control

Mail Security

Allot’s optional anti-spam filtering inspects inbound email for spam content and automatically blocks or quarantines spaminfected email messages coming into desktop clients through POP3, IMAP or SMTP servers. Allot integrates 16 leading technologies and 180 languages to detect spam, including analysis of email origin, destination, text, hyperlinks, and file attachments.

Ads Free

Popup ads, animated gifs and banners often link to risky URLs and expose employees to viruses, spybots, and other infections. Allot’s optional Ads Free service effectively blocks these insertions.

Scalable security as a service

Tenant Management and Reporting

With Allot’s Security as a Service, business customers receive secure access to your business portal, where they can set up and manage their security service. Allot’s numerous out-of-thebox reports feature easy-to-read graphs showing all malware blocking events, frequently accessed categories and URLs, enforcement events triggered by the customer’s Acceptable Use Policy, and other relevant statistics that may be presented per MSISDN, IP address, tenant group, user profile, or other identifier.

tenant management and reporting

Security for the Mobile Workforce

Allot WebSafe Business enables automatic and transparent security service continuity as users move off the mobile network to WiFi zones and vice versa, assuring continuous threat protection.

Scalable Service Delivery Framework

Allot WebSafe Business software is fully integrated with Allot Service Gateway and Allot NetEnforcer platforms and may be hosted either on a blade in Allot Service Gateway or hosted externally on COTS hardware. This tight integration enables unlimited scalability and cost-efficient deployment in operator networks. Allot high-performance platforms monitor all network traffic and steer only the relevant flows to the security services, while a unified management console monitors and manages web security services for all customers across your entire network.

Visibility and Insight for Service Providers

Network-based security as a service means that you keep valuable threat-event data within your organization, thus avoiding the security risks and higher latencies that are inherent in typical cloud-based datacenter solutions. Moreover, Allot gives you complete visibility of online user behavior, enabling you to analyze and refine your managed services accordingly

Unified Management

Allot WebSafe Business is part of the growing portfolio of Allot’s pre-integrated security services designed to protect the digital experience of your consumer and business customers. Additional security products such WebSafe Personal, and WebSafe Enterprise can be co-deployed with ease and centrally provisioned by Allot’s unified management console.

Unified Management

Security Customer Engagement

Nurture ongoing engagement with your Security-as-a-Service customers by sending them in-browser notifications. Notices to opt-in users are triggered automatically and may include text, images, video, banners, and animations. Automatic notifications provide a non-intrusive channel to keep in touch with business customers and to add value to their digital experience.


Allot WebSafe Business Data Sheet (.PDF)


Pricing Subject to change without notice for reasons including, but not limited to, product discontinuation, product unavailability, manufacturer price changes and advertised price errors.
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