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Telefónica Launches a Pioneering Cybersecurity Service for Consumers Powered by Allot
Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 04:49:39 PM
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Telefónica España is the first affiliate to launch the network-based security service, after the strategic partnership was announced in 2017 between Telefónica and Allot.

Movistar Conexión Segura – ground-breaking service will protect consumer connections from malware and fraud threats on fixed and mobile networks.

HOD HASHARON, Israel, November 26 , 2018 /PRNewswire/ –Telefónica España, the leading Telecommunications Operator in Spain with a world-class fixed and mobile network, together with Allot Ltd. (NASDAQ/TSE:ALLT) a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions for service providers worldwide, joined forces last year to deliver an innovative, comprehensive, network-based cybersecurity solution for consumers. The agreement was announced in February 2017. This initiative arises from the current market need for an advanced consumer-focused security service.

Telefonica España launched the joint cybersecurity solution as part of a service called Movistar Conexión Segura.  Movistar Conexión Segura, a pioneering commercial service, leverages the Allot NetworkSecure solution and provides effective and immediate protection against malware in both fixed and mobile networks.

“Security is the next big opportunity for operators to enhance the digital experience of their customers. Our cybersecurity solution provides ‘peace of mind’ for consumers across Telefonica’s network” said Francisco Cayuela, Vice President Sales, Spain and LATAL at Allot. “We are proud of our key contribution to the Movistar Conexion Segura service now launching in Spain and are excited with the forthcoming launches anticipated by other key Telefonica affiliates around the globe”.

“With the launch of Conexion Segura, which leverages Allot’s technologies, Telefónica has become a disrupting force in the market.” said Agustín Navarro, Consumer Business Unit Director at Telefónica España. “We are excited to be a forerunner in offering a cybersecurity service with this unique mix of capabilities, bringing together protection of the fixed and mobile network.”

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